Last updated on 16-05-2024

SQU Herbarium is part of the Life Science Unit in the College of Science, and harbors specimens of Oman’s flora (in particular) and some specimens from neighboring countries in the Arabian Peninsula. The collection currently holds more than 6000 specimen vouchers representing vascular and non-vascular plants. The majority of the collection is for the vascular plants belonging to Dicots (with approx. 777 identified species representing 91 families and 424 genera), and Monocots (approx. 165 identified species representing 20 families and 106 genera). The online catalogue provides a user-friendly resource with details, photos and highly digitized images of the specimens.

Search & download instructions:

  • All fields marked (*) have drop down lists. For the scientific names (Family, Genus, Species) type in the first letter, either lower or upper case, and choose from the available list.
  • To search Collector’s name, type the surname of the Collector. For example, to search for M. Gallagher type Gallagher and click search catalogue button.
  • For Collection date, specify the period of search by choosing the dates from the calendar or type the date in the search fields.
  • Check the appropriate box ☐ next to images & photos only or type specimens only to limit the search.
  • For Country & Region select the appropriate from the drop list.
  • For specimen Barcode Number enter “SQUH” (lower or upper case) followed by 8 digit number (e.g. squh00000001).
  • Online data and images are for download. For inquiries, please email the Herbarium Curator, Dr. Amina Al-Farsi :
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